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reinhardt & jung
2004-2008 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD-Architecture) at University of Sydney
1997-1999 Postgraduate Diploma/ Master of Architectural (Conceptual) Design at Hochschule der Bildenden Künste, Städelschule Frankfurt (Prof/ Peter Cook, Enric Miralles, Cecil Balmond, Mark Wigley)
1991-1997 Architectural Studies/ Diploma Technical University Hannover
Abitur Kaiser-Wilhelms-Gymnasium, Hannover
2004 founded twentytwentysix with Olivia Hyde, Sydney
2004-2008 PhD Research at University of Sydney
2004 founded frankfurterraum/ www.frankfurterraum.de with Alexander Jung and Florian Neumann
2003 founded architecture office reinhardt_jung [architektur+ingenieurbüro] with partner Alexander Jung
2002 member of Architects Chamber Frankfurt, Hessen (Germany)
2002 architecture office reinhardt_plus
reinhardt_jung: Competition Fallerhaus/ Digital Architecture Research
reinhardt_Deutsch Architekten: Projekt Community Center, Hassenroth, Taunus
reinhardt_Deutsch Architekten: Wettbewerb Kindergarten Oberhöchstadt, Taunus
2001 founded reinhardt_plus (project collaborations)
reinhardt_Jetelova: ‚Kunststege’ mit Magdalena Jetelova, Dresdner Bank, Gallileo
reinhardt_Deutsch Architekten: Project Freiherr-vom-Stein Schule, Frankfurt
reinhardt_Deutsch Architekten: Competition Alte Brücke, Frankfurt
reinhardt_dgj: Competition Territoire Imaginaire, Expo 02 Schweiz
reinhardt_dgj: Competition Grundrum Community Center, Dänemark
1999-2000 plus+ GmbH, Stuttgart (Erweiterung/Neubau Freie Waldorfschule Frankfurt, Wettbewerb Urban Entertainment Center)
1998-1999 Deutsch Architekten, Frankfurt (Umbau Cafe TAT, Frankfurt,ProjektFischergewölbe/Alte Brücke, Frankfurt)
1996-1997 Architekturbüro Dittert+Reumschüssel, Hannover
1993-1995 Architekturbüro Busch und Kessler, Hannover
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Welcome to the office. Building your dreams is our profession.

office profile

reinhardt_jung is a Frankfurt based office acting as architects, educators and researchers: Dagmar Reinhardt and Alexander Jung. The office work covers theory, education, building, curatorial collaborations, exhibitions, installations, publications, academic research and architectural projects. reinhardt_jung’s work has been exhibited in Europe and Australia in an architectural and artistic contexts. Their practice-based and entrepreneurial pursuits are grounds for exploratory investigation, for prototyping and conceptual transfer from which research-practice-business collaborations emerge. reinhardt_jung are regularly producers and collaborators of international projects integrating urbanism, architecture and installation art. reinhardt_jung understand the process of architecture as teamwork with students and colleagues, with clients and builders. The development of progressive spatial constructions, new modes of inhabiation, the integration of cultural and social aspects, the rethinking of architectural procedures are our field of interest and expertise.

reinhardt_jung both graduated from the University of Fine Arts Städelschule Frankfurt. In addition, reinhardt is in the process of completing a phd in architecture at the University of Sydney, holding an International Research Scholarship (IPA and EIPRS). reinhardt’s PhD research examines the potential of latent formations in architectural design and theory. Research outcomes include a design methodology archive, design method and design strategies for application in academic education as a method of engagement, evaluation of these through essays and conference presentations, and concepts applied in numerous installations and architectural projects. reinhardt_jung’s teaching areas include architectural design, design theory, urban studies, and application of advanced computer design software.

reinhardt_jung have been invited as guest critics, and are appointed as regular and sessional lecturers and studio leaders at a variety of Universities in Europe and Australia, including Bartlett School of Architecture, Städelschule Frankfurt, University of Sydney. Reinhardt_jung have taught design techniques (CAD and CA transfers), and design methodologies and theory with great enthusiams and fine results, which have been published in a academic, and educational books and journals, and which also have been presented at various international conferences to design and academic audiences.

office facilities

Our office consists of a network of several work stations with the regular 2-and 3D software equipment and wlan access, conference space, book library, material library, model-making workshops, and a permanent exhibition zone of work in progress.

emplyoees since 2004:

Christoph Feinweber, Kathrin Rudolph, Anna Vohlidalova, Patxi Dominguez, Lukas Eugler.