branding dubai_
2008 ‘Branding Dubai’/ Reinhardt (Studioleader, E3 E4, University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt.Main)
simulation of a design competition (ThyssenKrupp Dubai structural emblem) as semester project
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Branding Dubai | 2008

‘Branding Dubai’ is a collaborative project that simulated a design competition. 25 students of the Faculty of Architecture, University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt Main, of both national and exchange background (Erasmus) were grouped in five teams and developed their  design solution. The project was paralleled with continuous crits by Dr. Mark Fahlbusch, of structural engineers Bollinger and Grohmann, Frankfurt Main.

The best design was selected and professionally continued for submission to ThyssenKrupp, all other four were developed into submissions for the ‘Scyscraper Competition’ (eVolo), which ran at the same time.

Öslem Genc, Daniel Kurilic, Semhar Tsehaye, Olcay Saglam, Sabine Müller, Chiara Ardmini, Victoria Fernandez, Valeria Tecchio, Federico Di Liddo, Somaya Jusufi, Manuel Schneider, Serkan Namli, Ieva Zukauskaite, Raphael Bohle, Rene Bulle, Henning Eller, Patxi Martin, Chiara Girolami, Benedetta Ercoli, Anna Vohlidalova, Carina Dornoff, Sandra Mack.

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txt_Trivet Fields: Materiality of Interaction
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txt_Elastic: Latent Formations in Fashion
txt_Design Model And Media Rotation
txt_Prosthetic Surface: Dynamic Architecture
txt_Surface Strategies and Constructive Line
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