2005 Dagmar Reinhardt: ‘Surface Strategies And Constructive Line: Preferential Planes, Contour, Phenomenal Body In The Work Of Bacon, Chalayan, Kawakubo’, Essay (Monash, Colloquy/09, Melbourne, Australia, Online Journal May 2005.
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The paper investigates Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s discussion of body and space and Gilles Deleuze’s reading of Francis Bacon’s work, in order to derive a renegotiated interrelation between habitual body, phenomenal space, preferential plane and constructive line. The resulting system is applied as a filter to understand the sartorial fashion of Rei Kawakubo and Hussein Chalayan and their potential as a spatial prosthesis: the operative third skin. If the evolutionary nature of culture demands a constant change, how does the surface of a third skin, which embodies the generative of stable/unstable, respond to changes of context?
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