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hoeren_geometric sketch
pro 2005/05 - 2008/02 extension and restauration of a house from the 50th, in the golden ground
material exposed concrete, oak, coated steel, linoleum, zink
client katja & brian jones
engineers bollinger-grohmann, ffm
01 11

hoeren 2003

‚hoeren’ is an installation project that investigates the volatility of media. Part of the group exhibition ‚Flüchtige Verfestigung’, Hessischer Rundfunk (hr), Frankfurt Main. The project researches the volatility of the architectonic medium of the blueprint, large sheets of an archive of sound and eye references, which fade while being exposed to neon lights inside a tube that spans three levels of the internal staircase system of hr.

For the reason that hr comprises of both radio station and film production sets, it was possible to produce the installation in collaboration with the production workshops of hr.