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2005 ‘Precast Reality’ and 'Remote Control'/ Reinhardt
Research of Science Fiction Movies
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Precast Reality / Remote Control Studio |2005 (MArch and BArch, Faculty of Architecture, University of Sydney). 15 weeks design project.

The scenarios of Science Fiction Movies describe organizations of architecture, society, identity and reality production as scheduled around 2030, given a time-span of 25 years preparation. Future realities as displayed are not a fiction, but a future yet to come, a joined negotiation scientist and professionals are already processing today.

Two studios for Sydney University, Faculty of Architecture - Precast Reality Studio (MArch) and Remote Control Studio (BArch) - examine the generative processes, phenomena and devices as used in SCIFI movies (Blade Runner, Minority Report, Matrix, 5th Element), in order to isolate, define, explore and employ environments and media use induced by these new strategies, and their architectural consequences. For introduction, 5 key sessions of selected movies were screened at RAIA, joined by lectures of key speakers that provided an integrated knowledge of an inter-disciplinary network: ‘Robotics’ by Prof. Ron Newman (Director and Dean SCA), ‘Virtual Dimensions’ by Dr. Petra Gemeinboeck (Lecturer Digital Media, Key Centre of Design Computing and Cognition, University of Sydney) and ‘In Lights’ by Dr Ian Littler (Centre for Ultra High Bandwidth Devices for Optical Systems, School of Physics, University of Sydney).

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res_Acoustic Consequences/Performative Structures
res_gold/monstrous topography
res_Not What We Think
res_First Steps in Body-Machine Choreography
txt_Trivet Fields: Materiality of Interaction
phd_Departures From the Blueprint
txt_Elastic: Latent Formations in Fashion
txt_Design Model And Media Rotation
txt_Prosthetic Surface: Dynamic Architecture
txt_Surface Strategies and Constructive Line
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